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My brother, Greg, and I started Mamaw's Magnolia Way in memory of our mother. The name came from a wild magnolia tree that bloomed on our land shortly after Mom passed. It just felt right.

We planted peach and apple trees a few years ago. Beginning in 2022, we are hoping to have our first official harvest of both crops. Last year, I added lavender. Mississippi clay isn't known growing Lavender, but with some soil prep, we have started with half an acre and plan to expand from there. Lavender is an amazing plant with so many good qualities. In this coming year, we are hoping to add strawberries to our list. Who doesn't love strawberries!


Welcome to our farm!

Some of you may recognize me from my books. I am an Indie author with over twenty books published including Winds of Betrayal series, Winds of Change, Southern Legacy, and Boston's Crimes of Passion. I have a couple of standalone books: The Measure of a Man and The Waking Bell written with USA Bestselling author, Jackie Weger. Writing is my passion, but I absolutely love my land where I grew up.

Greg and I have been working on the farm for the last few years. Trees take time to grow. Along side his house, he has a lovely apple orchard. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside my younger brother. He has bore the brunt of the work while I'm not down there. I live in Massachusetts. When the pandemic hit, I wasn't down there for over a year. But now, have a second place down by my family. It is the place my husband, Bob, and I will retire.

So how did we come about with apples and peaches? Our first intention was to raise bees. So, we planted an orchard. We still don't have bees, but I suspect it won't be long now until we do. 

I have always felt you are never to old to learn.

Now, we not only have the apples and peaches, but lavender. I love lavender and its so beneficial to everyone. And because of my grandson's love of strawberries, we are also beginning to grow the sweet red fruit. 



Lavender is relaxing, not only as an essential oil, but for me personally, working with the flower. 

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