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Mamaw's Magnolia Way Lotion Candles
  • Our all-natural, handmade body lotion candles. Our candles are perfect for setting the mood with light aromatic fragrance but are best and most enjoyable when massaged onto the body. Great for topical massage, healing, and conditioning dry, flakey skin, cracking cuticles, and calluses. Since we use only the finest quality botanicals. without chemicals or man-made ingredients, our body lotion candles melt at a comfortable bath temperature, making them perfect for topical massage and will never scald the skin like an ordinary candle.


    Handcrafted Soy Lotion Candle

    Directions: Burn candle until melted pool of oil forms. Blow out the flame. Carefully dip your finger into the warm soy oil. Caution - wax may be hot and could cause burns. Ensure flame is completely extinguished. Apply to your skin and rub in.


    Those with sensitive skin should test on a small area.


    Available scents:

    Dreamy Tranquility

    Ingredients: Almond oil, Lavender essential oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, soy and coconut wax

    Soothing Repose

    Ingredients: Avocado oil, Amber Rose Vanilla fragrant scent, cocoa butter, shea butter, soy and coconut wax


    7 oz 

    Mamaw's Magnolia Way Lotion Candles

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